Resuscitate National Seed Bank- NASTAG President to Government

Dr. Amos Rutherford Azinu, President of the National Seed Trade Association of Ghana (NASTAG), emphasized the imperative for the country to establish robust seed banks to tackle sectoral challenges.

According to him, the creation of a seed bank would offer significant relief to local seed processors lacking the necessary capital to procure one.

Expressing deep concern over the dysfunctional state of the National Seed Bank, Azinu lamented its missed opportunity to alleviate pressure on seed producers and processors nationwide.

He stressed the necessity for substantial financial investment in overhauling the seed industry to address food insecurity and enhance the welfare of agriculturalists.

Speaking at the association’s 8th Annual General Meeting in Tamale, Northern region, Azinu asserted, “NASTAG has solidified its position as the leading authority on seed-related issues in Ghana, a testament to our collective efforts.”

He underscored the importance of bolstering the association’s financial resources and staffing at the Secretariat to ensure its continued relevance.

Azinu took the opportunity to commend Development Partners and NGOs for their generous support over the past seven years.


Addressing attendees, he lauded the Secretariat for effectively managing the association’s operations during this time, expressing optimism that their dedication would yield significant benefits for the seed industry.

Given the country’s volatile weather patterns, Azinu urged members to leverage modern technological tools to sustain their operations.

In his closing remarks, he urged members to foster strong collaborations to enhance the association’s cohesion and contribute to the overall development of the seed sector.

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