Make Agriculture Great Again – John Dumelo

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John Dumelo on TEDxTalks


African actor John Dumelo, hailing from Ghana, shares insights into his personal journey in agriculture and underscores the importance of Africans adopting farming to address the continent’s food requirements.

Key Points:

• Despite possessing ample land, sunlight, and rainfall for agricultural production, Africa still imports a substantial portion of its food.

• Dumelo passionately encourages the younger generation to embrace farming, starting on a small scale with grand aspirations, in order to cater to the increasing food demands of the continent’s population.

• The African agricultural market offers immense potential, as billions of dollars are expended annually on importing food.

• Leveraging advancements in agricultural machinery and smart farming techniques can amplify productivity and attract the interest of youth toward farming.

• Fostering intra-African trade and economic cooperation stands to empower African nations and fortify their agricultural sectors.

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