Kosmos Innovation Center Takes Over Governance of Blue Skies School Farm Competition

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Memorandum of Understanding Signed to Transition Program

Kosmos Innovation Center (KIC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Blue Skies Foundation (BSF) to take over the governance and implementation of the School Farm Competition. The agreement was signed at a ceremony at the KIC Innovation Hub in Accra on February 6th, 2024.

The School Farm Competition Introduces Agriculture Innovation

The School Farm Competition was started by BSF in partnership with KIC and with funding from the Mastercard Foundation. It introduces agriculture innovation to junior and senior high school students by having them grow crops on school farms. Over 18,000 students have participated since the program began in 2022.

Kosmos Innovation Center Takes Over Governance of Blue Skies School Farm Competition
Photo credit: KIC

KIC Will Manage the Competition Moving Forward

As part of the new agreement, KIC will manage the competition going forward. BSF will maintain an advisory role to support the program’s continued development. Both organizations aim to expand the reach of the competition to encourage more schools to participate.

Speaking at the ceremony, KIC Executive Director Benjamin Gyan-Kesse said, “With KIC now governing the school farm competition program, we are confident we can continue its growth trajectory as we look forward to having more schools take part.”

Early Successes Demonstrate Potential

The program has already shown promising results. Participating schools have used their farms to support their canteens and sell surplus produce. Past competition winners like Adoe D/A Junior High School and Ghana Senior High School Tamale have demonstrated the potential for school farms.

Kosmos Innovation Center  Aims to Build on These Successes

As the new governing body, KIC hopes to build on these successes. The goal is to continue changing students’ mindsets towards seeing agriculture as an economically viable activity rather than a punishment. Ultimately, this will create a new generation of young agriculture entrepreneurs.

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