Italy Bolsters Mozambique’s Agriculture with $4.4 Million Injection


Italy has pledged $4.4 million to support a new food security project in Mozambique, aiming to revitalize the agricultural sector in key provinces. The initiative, titled “Project for Improving the Inclusive and Sustainable Development of Agricultural Value Chains” (MAIS VALOR II), was announced this week following a memorandum of understanding signed between the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and Mozambique’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

“This project represents a significant step forward in strengthening Mozambique’s agricultural value chains,” said Minister of Industry and Commerce, according to a statement released by the ministry. “[MAIS VALOR II] will focus on creating a flourishing coffee and fruit and vegetable industry in Manica and northern Cabo Delgado, boosting production and improving livelihoods for local communities.”

Funding the Future

The financial backing for MAIS VALOR II comes from the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation. “[We are] committed to supporting Mozambique’s development goals, particularly in the crucial agricultural sector,” said a spokesperson for the agency. “This project has the potential to create a sustainable and inclusive food system in the targeted provinces, promoting economic growth and job creation.”

Focus on Coffee and Produce

The project will target specific agricultural products in the designated regions. “MAIS VALOR II will provide crucial support to improve the value chain for Ibo coffee in Cabo Delgado, while also bolstering fruit growing and coffee production in Manica,” explained a UNIDO representative. “By improving infrastructure, providing training to farmers, and facilitating market access, we aim to create a more efficient and profitable agricultural sector.”

The announcement of the Italian contribution comes as Mozambique, like many African nations, grapples with food security challenges. MAIS VALOR II is expected to play a key role in boosting domestic food production and improving the lives of farmers in the target regions.

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