AGRA Ghana Boss commends Ghanaian farmers for their determination on Farmers Day

Ghana Country Director of AGRA, Dr. Betty Annan, has congratulated Ghanaian farmers as the country marks National Farmers Day, noting that they have demonstrated remarkable determination and resourcefulness despite challenges.

In a statement to mark National Farmers’ Day, AGRA said it acknowledges the challenges farmers face in their work, including the negative impact of climate change, difficulties in accessing markets, inadequate financing, unsustainable farming systems, and low technological application, among others.

“Farmers work all year round, usually with no leave days. Therefore, having a day like this to celebrate our farmers is really a worthwhile gesture by the government and the good people of Ghana. Your dedication, resilience, and commitment to creating thriving food systems that work for all are highly commendable,” the statement said.

Ghana Country Director of AGRA, Dr. Betty Annan, has congratulated Ghanaian farmers as the country marks National Farmers Day

“On this special occasion, we recognize the invaluable role that farmers across the 16 regions of the country play in ensuring that Ghana has food to feed its population, raw materials to power our agro-based industries, and exports for the generation of foreign exchange earnings. We join the good people of Ghana in expressing gratitude to our valued farmers,” the statement added.

The theme for this year’s Farmers Day celebration is “Delivering Smart Solutions for Sustainable Food Security and Resilience.” Dr. Annan says farmers need the necessary tools, inputs, support, skills, and technologies that can help transform agriculture from a solitary struggle to survive into a thriving business that protects our planet for future generations.

“As AGRA seeks to contribute to a food system-inspired inclusive agricultural transformation across Africa to reduce hunger, improve nutrition, and adapt to climate change, we reaffirm our commitment to supporting and empowering farmers,” she said.

“We will continue to support initiatives that promote good agricultural and sustainable farming practises, build the resilience of smallholder farmers, and enhance the development of inclusive markets and finance,” she added.

Dr. Annan disclosed that AGRA is supporting the National Farmers’ Day event with a Cabrio Standard Tractor with accessories and an Agritech Power Tiller with accessories that will go to the Best National Female Farmer. The Northern Regional Best Youth Farmer will also get a motorbike, knapsack sprayer, PPE, Wellington booths, and two cutlasses from AGRA.

“Working with the government, private sector, civil society institutions, and development partners, we will keep working to catalyze Ghana’s agricultural transformation through increased support for value addition. We look forward to a continuous engagement with our distinguished farmers to make this transformation possible,” the AGRA Ghana boss said.

“Happy National Farmers Day to all farmers in Ghana. We wish you bumper harvests and good profits in the year ahead and beyond. AYEKOO GHANA AKUAFO!” the statement concluded.

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