African Food Fellowship Opens Applications for Kenya, Rwanda Applicants

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The African Food Fellowship aims to recruit and empower 80 exceptional leaders working in various impact areas within the food systems of Kenya and Rwanda. Each country will welcome 40 fellows, who will be selected based on their exceptional contributions and visions for transforming their respective sectors.

African Food Fellowship Opens Applications for Kenya, Rwanda Applicants

In Kenya, the fellowship will focus on three key areas:

  1. Horticulture: Empowering individuals and organizations involved in the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants, a sector vital for food security and economic growth.
  2. Aquaculture: Recognizing the importance of sustainable fish farming, this focus area will support leaders driving innovation and best practices in aquaculture.
  3. Agri-finance: Addressing the critical need for accessible and tailored financial services for smallholder farmers and agribusinesses, this area aims to facilitate economic growth in the agricultural sector.

Meanwhile, in Rwanda, the fellowship will concentrate on the following impact areas:

  1. Access to Nutritious Foods: Promoting initiatives that improve access to diverse, nutrient-rich foods, thereby addressing malnutrition and ensuring food security.
  2. Sustainable Land Use: Championing sustainable land management practices, conservation efforts, and responsible resource utilization for long-term agricultural productivity.
  3. Food Technology and Trade: Encouraging the adoption of innovative technologies and fostering trade opportunities to enhance food systems and boost economic growth.

The African Food Fellowship not only provides a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration but also equips fellows with valuable skills, networks, and resources to drive positive change in their respective fields. Through a comprehensive curriculum and hands-on learning experiences, fellows will gain insights into policy, entrepreneurship, leadership, and cutting-edge agricultural practices.

Interested candidates have until May 10, 2024, to submit their applications

Click on African Food Fellowship to apply, or  visit


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