Acres Agriculture Empowers Women in Agribusiness with WAW Pitch Sponsorship

The Women in Agribusiness Week (PITCH) pitch 2023 is the first ever pitch to be organised by Guzakuza as part of the women in agribusiness Week (WAW) events. The pitching took place on the 15th of November 2023 at the AMA Head office, Accra.

Acres Agriculture’s sponsorship has not only provided a platform for these remarkable women but has also underscored the company’s commitment to fostering innovative and sustainable agriculture.

Acres Country Director, presenting the award to the overall winner.

The Country Director for Acres Agriculture, Nana Yaa Serwaa Sarpong, in her presentation, highlighted the company’s dedication to empowering women by complementing efforts geared towards creating a supportive ecosystem for women in the agribusiness sector.

This remarkable event aimed to provide capacity building training and empower women entrepreneurs by introducing them to the crowdfunding era, enabling them to raise funds for their agricultural enterprises. The CDC group, renowned for its expertise in financial literacy, led the participants through comprehensive courses, while other facilitators covered topics such as digital marketing, branding, communication, and the art of pitching a business.

Out of over 100 applications received, ten exceptional women were selected by the CDC group to participate in the pitch competition. Among them were Edna Ama Mensah, Tracy Rashida Alhassan, Aisha Sulaiman, Rita Dompreh, Aseidu Fransica, Colile Dlamini, Josephine Toudeka, Ivy Sefarkor Borkor, Nana Yaa Adjei, and Esther Emefa Boadu. These talented entrepreneurs showcased their innovative agricultural projects to a panel of three discerning judges.

Edna Ama Mensah emerged as the winner of the competition, impressing the judges with her visionary approach. Esther Emefa Boadu secured the first runner-up position, while Aisha Sulaiman claimed the second runner-up. The event served as a platform for these outstanding women to showcase their business acumen and gain valuable exposure within the agribusiness community.

Some participants receiving some Souvenirs from Acres Agriculture.

The winners, among other prizes, were given cash prizes and some souvenirs from Acres Agriculture. They also got winning packages from other sponsors, the CDC Group and Smart farmer.

About Acres

Acres Agriculture is a Ghanaian-owned registered company specialising in importing and distributing Nano Organic Fertilizer, an advanced soil nutrient solution that enhances plant performance, protects roots, increases crop yields, and promotes sustainability.

‘Acres Nano Organic Fertilizer’, is formulated to work on the principle of “All life is electric”, and therefore exhibits the unique capabilities of detoxifying the soil while concurrently nourishing it. Besides the three (3) core factors of organic farming (biological, physical, and chemical), Acres Nano Organic Fertilizer introduces a fourth factor: Electrical. As leading ambassadors for “Non-toxic Agriculture & Nutrition,” Acres Agriculture strives to provide environmentally friendly products that work harmoniously with nature.

The success of the Women in Agribusiness Week (WAW) Pitch has set a remarkable precedent, highlighting the immense potential and talent within the female agribusiness community. Other agribusiness conferences were held in Kumasi and Tamale as part of the week-long program. There was also the graduation ceremony for the Guzakuza’s flagship program Ignite (African Women in Agribusiness Fellowship).


By: Linda Dede Nyanya Godji Incoom

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