Accra to Host Africa Food Bank Conference 2024

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In a bid to bolster food security and combat hunger across the continent, Ghana will host the Africa Food Bank Conference in 2024. Organized by the Global Food Banking Network (GFN), the event, taking place from January 29th to February 1st, aims to foster dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge exchange among food banks representing 12 African nations.

Building on the successful Nairobi gathering in 2022, the Accra conference will delve into critical areas such as:

  • Global Trends and Best Practices: Participants will gain insights into cutting-edge food bank strategies implemented worldwide, equipping them to adapt and innovate within their own contexts.
  • Regional Challenges and Solutions: Addressing the unique obstacles faced by African food banks, the conference will explore region-specific solutions to enhance food security and distribution.
  • Collaborative Partnerships: Fostering a united front against food waste and hunger, the event will facilitate the development of partnerships between food banks, NGOs, government officials, and corporate partners.
  • Sustainable Food Sourcing: Optimizing food distribution and minimizing waste will be a key focus, with sessions exploring innovative sourcing techniques and partnerships with local farmers.
  • Community Engagement: Empowering volunteers, raising awareness, and building strong relationships with local communities will be crucial aspects discussed, ensuring the long-term sustainability of food bank initiatives.

Beyond workshops and panel discussions, participants will have the opportunity to visit Food for All Africa, a GFN member and local pioneer in food banking. Witnessing their programs firsthand will offer valuable practical insights and inspire replicable models.

The Africa Food Bank Conference 2024 promises to be a catalyst for positive change, bringing together diverse stakeholders in the fight against hunger. With a focus on practical solutions, innovative strategies, and collaborative action, the event holds the potential to significantly impact the lives of millions across the continent.

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