Ghanaian Entrepreneur Opens Livestock Training Institute

In an effort to advance and keep informal Ghanaian farmers abreast of emerging technologies in the livestock sector, Ghanaian businessman Mr. Kwame Brefo Kodua has established the Global Farming and Technology Institute Limited.

The institute aims to enhance the knowledge level of every livestock farmer in the country, particularly focusing on cattle (for beef), sheep, goats, pigs (hogs), and poultry enterprises. Non-traditional livestock, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, grasscutters, and African giant snails, are also promoted.

The state-of-the-art facility, situated in the old Tafo community in the Abuakwa North District of the Eastern region, includes a modern abattoir, laboratory, lecture halls, and farm demonstration sites. Its primary objective is to bridge the literacy skills gap in Ghana’s livestock industry.

Mr. Kwame Brefo Kodua, CEO of the Global Farming and Technology Institute, highlighted the gradual decline in the livestock subsector’s contribution to Ghana’s agricultural GDP, dropping from 12.60 percent in CY2014 to 8.31 percent in CY2020. Due to this decline, the institute aims to incorporate modern technologies to augment traditional methods of rearing and breeding.

Expressing confidence in the institute’s role as a knowledge hub for the thriving livestock sector, Mr. Kodua emphasized its significance at a time when the country is implementing import restrictions on poultry meat and other related products.

During the three-day public opening of the center, livestock farmers received training on new approaches to animal rearing and value addition.

Partners from Denmark took the opportunity to train both farmers and non-farmers on producing various meat products, including hot burgers, sausages, meat bread, and more.

This initiative seeks to provide livestock farmers with investment opportunities and highlight the sector’s untapped potential.

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